Bingo Clubs Need to Be Careful Which Tickets They Use on Big Link Games

Unlike their online rivals bingo clubs throughout the UK that join up in big money link games need to give careful consideration to the ticket type that they use. Bingo tickets come in sets or perms and when used for link games the clubs need to ensure that two players taking part in the game will not have the same ticket.


In the past the Gambling Commission had insisted that where problems occur they are informed and that both the winners receive the full prize. This since has been relaxed to the point where if there is a technical problem the prize money will be split between winners. However if a bingo player wins in one club and someone wins with an identical ticket due to an administration error in another club it leave the players feeling cheated.

With the inclusion of electronic bingo at many clubs throughout the UK, allowing players to play hundreds of tickets in one game the problem of duplicate numbers is a higher risk now than ever before. While bingo ticket manufacturers will provide advice and ensure that each club has its own set of bingo tickets for a planned link game, they take little or no responsibility for card set software used on electronic bingo terminals. Bingo clubs need to ensure that the card sets used on their electronic terminals are also compatible for the game they are playing.

In recent times there have been incidents where this has been overlooked. Online bingo doesn't have the same issues as link games are played by online operators on the same platform and therefore the software provider has full control over ticket in play across all brands. Online operators can also opt for a perm with the maximum combinations as this costs little extra or no more than having a small perm that has less combinations. Bingo clubs have to purchase the tickets for their players to take part in the bingo games. Bingo books with larger perms, (larger combinations) cost considerably more than smaller perms. For small link games and in house bingo games it makes no sense to use large perms as this is an unnecessary cost.

No doubt in the future there will come a point when online bingo operators and land based bingo play together in link games and there will need to be careful consideration of the bingo tickets used. For time being bingo clubs need to be aware that both their electronic bingo terminals use bingo bingo perms that are compatible with all the other bingo clubs in link games.