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New Gaming Technology

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The future of gaming is being unveiled in Las Vegas this week. The Global Gaming Expo is highlighting the latest and greatest slot machines and table games from around the world at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

Gone are the days of the one armed bandit, slot machine lovers aren't just pulling a lever anymore.

"The technology in the games now is so far and beyond anything we could have imagined ten years ago or 12 years ago when the show first started," said Holly Wetzel of American Gaming Association.

"You've got seats that move and rumble when you're driving the race car game and the sound around your head."

It's been a year of hard work for the gaming companies debuting new technologies at G2E this week. They're constantly trying to figure out ways to keep gamblers entertained and in their seats.

You know the game apps we're all addicted to on our cell phones or tablet devices. Game makers are taking that to the next level. They've created slot machine versions of your favorite online obsession.

They're also taking the worlds love of pop culture and bringing it onto the casino floor.

"People love new games and they love new games with brands like Nascar and Pawn Stars that they can really relate to," said Laura Olson-Reyes of Bally's Technologies.

Even Judge Judy will be making her case at the casino.

"This Judge Judy game immerse you in the experience of the courtroom. You can either be the plaintiff or the defendant. You can struggle as she scolds, you or be excited about her seeing your side of the case," said Eric Tom of IGT.

Games have come along way since the Global Gaming Expo premiered in the year 2000. And by the show next year, the big story may be Internet gambling.

"They're in the process of licensing companies to provide online poker in the state so according to the folks at the Nevada Gaming Control Board, we'll see online poker go live here later this year or early next year," said Wetzel.