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Travel Lottery site goes live

A website for the Travel Lottery has gone live to allow customers to buy tickets to enter regular draws while raising funds for charity.

The site at <>  has been developed to be easy for travel companies to promote and simple for their customers to either buy tickets for a single draw, or to sign up to play regularly.

Tickets on sale are for a draw at the end of March, giving consumer the chance to win back the cost of their holiday - up to £5,000 - and support good causes in holiday destinations around the world. One winner will win at least £1,000 cash each month.
At least 20 different firms are expected to either direct customers to the website or sell tickets at the point of booking by the end of the year.

The aim is to sell at least 100,000 tickets and raise more than £50,000 for good causes in the first year.

The Travel Lottery also creates a new revenue stream for the travel industry. Those who direct customers to the website or sell directly can earn up to 20p per ticket sold, which can be donated to the charities they support or be added to the firm's bottom line.

Salli Felton, acting chief executive at the Travel Foundation, the charity behind the lottery, said: “All types of businesses that sell holidays and travel-related services can now play their part in protecting the destinations on which they depend. We’ve created a fundraising mechanism that is fun, easy to communicate to customers and can be readily implemented into customer sales processes.”

Noel Josephides, chairman of the Travel Foundation, said: “This really is a win-win for everyone involved - for customers who have a chance to win a cash prize every month, for travel firms who can earn commission and support their corporate responsibility, and ultimately for the destinations which we rely on and send our customers to every year.”

At least 50p from each ticket sold will go directly to support charitable projects run by the Travel Foundation, with a further 50p contributing to the prize fund. The hope is that, as more and more organisations back the lottery, more than half the ticket price will go towards the delivery of charitable activities.

By Phil Davies |   03 March 2014 at 08.12 GMT 



The Biggest Lottery Winner 2013 - EuroJackpot Annual Lottery Review

As we kick off 2014 it is time to take stock of this year’s biggest winners and losers in the world of lottery. Although it has been a banner year for international lottery certain lotteries have fared better than others in 2013.  

This year’s big winner has to be Europe’s newest lotto, the EuroJackpot, which quickly established itself as the true competition for industry powerhouse EuroMillions. You might not have even heard of the EuroJackpot since it is not available to UK residents apart from  through Lottoland , although that is sure to change in 2014. EuroJackpot is a transnational lottery with very similar rules to EuroMillions but with better odds winning and a younger target audience.

In 2013, EuroJackpot grew at an unprecedented rate with 6 new additions including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia. This brings the total number of EuroJackpot countries to 14 in comparison to the 9 EuroMillions countries (including the UK) with the cooperation of 29 different lottery companies. Motivate by the success of 2013, EuroJackpot organizers have plans to grow even further in 2014 with a number of new EU countries already in the pipeline for possible expansion. Of course, the more countries which join means more new players and bigger prizes. Theo Gossner, the chairman of EuroJackpot beamed “Within a year we have succeeded beyond expectations, with the number of participating countries nearly doubling. The result speaks for itself and is a European success story.”

EuroJackpot 2013 by the Numbers

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to EuroJackpot’s success in 2013:


  • There were 22 million EuroJackpot winners.


  • Over £400,000,000 in prizes was awarded.


  • The biggest jackpot was for over £39,000,000


  • There were 102 prizes worth over £80,000 and over 19 million lower tier winners.


EuroJackpot looks to build on its success in 2014 so if you haven’t tried it out it is definitely worth a look in the New Year. Although EuroJackpot is quite similar to EuroMillions your chances of being a winner are significantly better. For example, you have a 1:116,000,000 chance of being the EuroMillions jackpot winner and a 1:517,000 chance of winning a prize worth thousands of pounds. In contrast, you have a 1:59,000,000 chance of being a EuroJackpot jackpot winner and a 1:263,000 shot of being a EuroJackpot winner of a prize in the thousands of pounds.

The Big Lottery Loser – UK National Lottery

In contrast, the biggest lotto loser of the year was definitely the National Lottery which made the monumental miscalculation of doubling their ticket prices when the UK economy is still bot fully recovered. Despite a failed PR campaign and even a free ticket giveaway, National lottery sales slumped across the UK with people following through on their threats to boycott Camelot Group’s products. The National Lottery experienced its first profit loss since its launch in 1994 while alternatives like EuroMillions and the Health Lottery saw their customer base swell from angry National Lottery ex-customers.

2014 will be an interesting year to see if the fallout from the price hike will blow over and the National Lottery can begin to recover or whether lottery players from the UK continue to buy their tickets elsewhere. With plenty of new international lotteries making national headlines organizers at Camelot will have to move quickly to make back the ground which they lost last year.

German Lottery

German’s 16 states have unified their lotteries under a new umbrella organisation, Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie (GKL), in an effort to provide a more attractive alternative to private gaming.

Effective July 1st, the two former lottery organisations North German Class Lottery (NKL) and South German Class Lottery (SKL) came together under the GKL umbrella, creating for the first time a national lottery operator.

With effect from 1 July 2012 to build the 16 states of the two German Class Lottery - North West German Lottery (NKL) and South German Class Lottery (SKL) - GKL the Joint Lottery of countries, with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich. This results in Germany for the first time a state lottery vendors, which is supported by all states. Been decided it was the Prime Minister of the countries in the framework of the amendment to the State Treaty on Gambling. The first nationwide state lottery organizers to make the legal gambling more attractive and improve the protection of players continues.

In the future, NKL and SKL will be organized as a joint institution of public law. The game offered by the two old companies will continue unchanged, but among the well-known brands. For the game players from NKL and SKL will change only the contracting parties. The approved settlement of the Lottery remains the same as the state guaranteed profit by more than 16 states. The previous stay in Hamburg and Munich received.

The aim is to offer joint development work in a government-guaranteed and controlled system as attractive alternatives to private gambling sites, which is "providing pirated games with a significant hazard potential."

Gerhard Rombach, previously Director of SKL, and the present NKL CEO Günther Schneider: "The establishment of the GKL come to the lands of their regulatory responsibility to ensure a sufficient gambling services through a unified organization of state class lotteries and related gaming activity."

In 2013 the GKL will offer a new addition to the existing lottery products to the market

New Lottery Licence To Last 20 Years

Changes to how the next national lottery licence is awarded have been agreed in principle by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.


Mobile Friendly Website for National Lottery Players Goes Live

Players can now use The National Lottery website through a new mobile-friendly version, with the ability to buy tickets for draw-based games, check results and manage their account while on the move.