German Lottery

German’s 16 states have unified their lotteries under a new umbrella organisation, Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie (GKL), in an effort to provide a more attractive alternative to private gaming.

Effective July 1st, the two former lottery organisations North German Class Lottery (NKL) and South German Class Lottery (SKL) came together under the GKL umbrella, creating for the first time a national lottery operator.

With effect from 1 July 2012 to build the 16 states of the two German Class Lottery - North West German Lottery (NKL) and South German Class Lottery (SKL) - GKL the Joint Lottery of countries, with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich. This results in Germany for the first time a state lottery vendors, which is supported by all states. Been decided it was the Prime Minister of the countries in the framework of the amendment to the State Treaty on Gambling. The first nationwide state lottery organizers to make the legal gambling more attractive and improve the protection of players continues.

In the future, NKL and SKL will be organized as a joint institution of public law. The game offered by the two old companies will continue unchanged, but among the well-known brands. For the game players from NKL and SKL will change only the contracting parties. The approved settlement of the Lottery remains the same as the state guaranteed profit by more than 16 states. The previous stay in Hamburg and Munich received.

The aim is to offer joint development work in a government-guaranteed and controlled system as attractive alternatives to private gambling sites, which is "providing pirated games with a significant hazard potential."

Gerhard Rombach, previously Director of SKL, and the present NKL CEO Günther Schneider: "The establishment of the GKL come to the lands of their regulatory responsibility to ensure a sufficient gambling services through a unified organization of state class lotteries and related gaming activity."

In 2013 the GKL will offer a new addition to the existing lottery products to the market